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The Truly Profit Plan for Soloproneurs and Small Business Owners 


The easy-peasy financial plan for solopreneurs and small business owners to intentionally plan for profit, know their numbers, and build flourishing businesses.

Many wonderful freelancers, coaches, VAs, and small business owners

are great at their work. But they struggle with the numbers part of their businesses.

How many of these are true for you?

  1. You’re always ANXIOUS about your business finances.
  2. If someone asks you “What’s your profit margin?” – you have no idea!
  3. You do not have exact future goals. And even if you did, you don’t know how to get there.
  4. You are financially disorganized. Money comes in and goes out but HOW MUCH and if it’s high or low – you can’t tell.
  5. Tax time scares you. Not because you don’t want to pay…but you’re never sure if you even HAVE the funds to pay.
  6. You have no defined financial boundaries. Are you overspending? Who knows!
  7. You are absolutely not prepared for another pandemic-like surprise.
  8. You keep track of everything IN YOUR HEAD! From monthly expenses to 401(k) for employees.
  9. You pay yourself a salary out of whatever is left.


It’s ok if you don’t understand finances.

What is not OK… is to NOT correct course… before it’s too late.

The "buck" stops with you 

You created your business with heart. And you want it to grow BIG. 

You want to give a good life to your family.


But numbers feel overwhelming.

You may even be scared to look at them fearing you may be falling short.


That’s where The Truly Profit Plan helps you – it is a system to take control of your finances, build for the future, and achieve financial peace.

Get The Truly Profit Plan
The Truly Profit Plan is the easiest way for people who are great at their work but are afraid of their finances.


All you need is:

  •  A cash flow management tool that helps you track and decide in advance what your income will be spent on.
  •  A simple method to be in control of your business finances.
  •  Track your income and expenses on a weekly basis without much work.
  •  A simple way to plan for your business’s growth
  •  A tool to be prepared for emergencies of any kind (even a pandemic).
  •  A plan to keep your personal and business life on track and in a strong financial position at all times.
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“Uhhh, this isn’t another math class, right?”


This is not a boring math course full of numbers, equations, and calculations.


The Truly Profit Plan is like driving your car.

You don’t understand how your car’s engine works.

But you do know how to turn the key, hit the gas, and reach your desired destination.


The Truly Profit Plan is the Rolls Royce that drives you to your financial goals.

It helps you handle your finances like a pro, create a financial airbag, set growth goals, and systematically realize them.


You get:

  • The Truly Profit Plan spreadsheet to easily track your finances from week to week
  • Access to all future updated spreadsheets
  • Step-by-step videos explaining exactly how to use this spreadsheet. The videos include info on:
    •  Bank accounts
    •  Percentage allocations – from how to start to determining your sweet spot
    •  Examples
    •  Variations
    •  Understanding your costs
  • Additional written resources to ensure you get the most out of this course.

Assistance via email if you have any questions after your purchase.

Yes, I Want The Rolls Royce To A Flourishing Business and Life

When $64.49 Can Turn Into $16000*

*(based on a true client story)

When I started working with this client they had been in business for about 2 years and still hadn’t paid themselves. In fact, they were continually having to re-invest their own personal cash into the business to keep it afloat. They were overwhelmed by their finances, they couldn’t seem to get a handle on what was coming and going out.  They were stressed.  Their spouse would ask how things were going and they felt like they couldn’t even respond because they didn’t know.  Within 6 months of working with me we began to implement the Truly Profit Plan in the business.  And 1 year later, I can eagerly report that although sales were down more than 44% due to COVID, they had a net profit of over $16,000, a 242% increase from the previous year!!

"Before being introduced to The Truly Profit Plan, my business finances were all over the place. I had no clear organization and no understanding if I was even profitable as a business. Now that we have the plan in place I can clearly see growth as well as areas that need improvement. I feel so relieved to have my business finances organized into several areas so that I know when I have enough funds saved in specific categories to make informed business decisions. I also love seeing the different finance categories grow - it makes me feel like I can set up a stable and solid foundation for success.

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

With The Truly Profit Plan, I feel like my business has a strategy for how to move forward. It's simple to use and I can easily update it weekly or monthly depending on my goals. The plan has helped me tremendously with inventory planning and budgeting for business expenses. Such a relief!

I would definitely recommend The Truly Profit Plan to any business owner! It has changed my perspective of business financing by making sure my business is set up to succeed and that it doesn't have to be so complicated."

Jill, owner Jill and June

Because although we might know what to do, often we don't have a way to do it.

My intention is that The Truly Profit Plan will end all your stress around your income and expenses, and set your business on the path to financial growth – giving you financial peace of mind and guaranteed profits.

For 20 years, I had been the right-hand woman to many business owners and Executive Directors, solving their problems and keeping their business finances on the right track. But I never felt the responsibility of carrying a whole business on your shoulders.


Then I launched my own business. And I learned 3 crucial things:

  1. I was the one responsible for EVERY aspect of my entire business.
  2. My family was depending on me to make good, wise decisions.
  3. Each of my business decisions directly affect my family and employees.


Despite being good at finances, I saw how easily my own finances would get away from even me!

That’s when The Truly Profit Plan was born.


This is for all of us with big dreams and the courage to start out on our own.


Because although we know what we want to do, often we don’t have a way to do it.

Give me the no-brainer price of $64.49

 My Guarantee to You

āŒ You do not need to be a numbers genius.
āŒ You do not need to be an excel expert.
āŒ You do not need to spend hours every week.

You just need to have your own business, no matter the size.

The sooner you start The Truly Profit Plan, the better.


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