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Kelli Bagby

Hi, I'm Kelli Babgy

Founder of Truly Bookkeeping

I’ve been interested in small business ownership ever since I was in high school. I have long admired entrepreneurs and business owners for your hard work, determination, and vision to create something for others that wasn’t there before.
I have seen the power of working for oneself- yes it’s tiring, all consuming, and scary! But the rewards, the flexibility, the purpose you feel working long hours for yourself rather than someone else is unmatched. I have seen how successful businesses can change the landscape of a neighborhood and consequently people’s lives.
I’m beyond thrilled to launch Truly Bookkeeping, a company whose mission is to help communities thrive through flourishing businesses. So much of what we know is determined by what we see around us. If we see businesses that are failing, our perspective on life and our own future will be skewed. However, if we see businesses that are thriving, we will be encouraged and full of hope for ourselves and neighbors about the possibilities for our future. That’s what I want to bring to communities.
I have 20 years of experience working with a variety of businesses including non-profits, social service agencies, breweries and investment advisors, to name a few.  I have an MBA from the University of South Florida and over 20 years of bookkeeping, operations, and finance experience. I have also obtained an education certificate from The American College for the Certified Financial Planning designation.
Technology has transformed the way we conduct business.  I use technology to enhance my virtual bookkeeping practice to ensure security and efficiency.
I am a Quickbooks Certified ProAdvisor as well as Cloud Best Practice Certified.


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